Audition Notice!

Roles Available

  • Phil Payton (Male, 25-40): Writer/Director of Star Crossed.
  • Mera Lucas (Female 25-35): Producer of Star Crossed.
  • Eleanor Marsden (Female 40-55): Current head of the Marsden Foundation for theArts.
  • Raphael “Raph” Shukoff: (Male 25-35): Personal assistant to Eleanor, amateur thespian.
  • Caitlin Markov (Female 20-30): Stage manager, trying to keep the show in some semblance of order
  • Ian Chesterton /Jasper Merrythought (Male 25-35): Professional actor, eager for his big leading role (Jasper).
  • Georgia “George” Levinson/Luce Venturewell (Female 25-35): Professional actor, slightly bored by her role in Star-Crossed (Luce).
  • Martin/Venturewell (Male 45-60): Professional actor, playing the father of Luce.
  • Roy/Humphrey (Male 40-55): Playing the would-be suitor of Luce, but way more interested in being part of Raph’s story.
  • Beatrice “Trix” Parsons (Female 20-35): ASM who gets dragged into the cast.

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February 21 – 29, 2020

It’s opening night for Taranto Theatre’s new play, a comedy of star-crossed lovers from house playwright Phil Payton. But when the donor whose grant is keeping the struggling company from bankruptcy decides she has some changes to suggest, Phil and the rest of the company must adapt, as their simple romance is complicated by the addition of a new character, an unpredictable knight… the knight of the Burning Pestle.

General Admission: $23.00
Student/Senior: $19.00
Ticket Prices do not include GST or other service fees.

All performances at Pumphouse Theatres
(2140 Pumphouse Ave SW)
If you have any questions or issues with tickets, please e-mail
Group rates are available on purchases of 10 or more Adult tickets.
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