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Due to issues with our payment system, we suggest bringing cash to pay for your tickets.  This will move the ticket line quicker and make everything easier one everyone.  The Pumphouse does not have an ATM, so please make sure to stop at one before you get to the theatre.

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Opening Night Gala: Friday October 17th @ Scorpio Rehearsal Studio.  Join the Scorpio Family after the show for drinks, munchies and live entertainment.  $5 cover fee or free with your ticket from the show.  Doors will open at 9pm.

Talk Back Tuesday: Tuesday, October 23rd. Hang out after the show and have the Cast answer your questions.


Richard Nixon: Stuart Bentley
David Frost: Janos Zeller
Jim Reston: Matt Pickering
Jack Brennan: Darcy Wilson
John Birt: Hamish Crawford
Bob Zelnick: Tim MacRae
Caroline Cushing: Lauren O’Hare
Swifty Lazar/Ensemble: Nathan Isles
Manolo Sanchez/Ensemble: Scott Fea
Mike Wallace/Ensemble: Devin Warne


Mike Anthony
Tawni Barton
Keri Bauer

All performances at Pumphouse Theatres (2140 Pumphouse Ave SW)