Guards! Guards!

Welcome to “Ankh-Morpork”, the (second) greatest city in all of Discworld. As cities go, it is on the far
side of corrupt and polluted and is subject to outbreaks of comedic violence and silly brou-ha-ha’s on a
fairly regular basis… but things are about to take a sinister turn. A secret organization, The Unique and
Supreme Lodge of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night, have concocted a most ingenious plan –
by utilizing a stolen magical book, they plan to summon a fearsome Dragon to terrorize the city and
replace the leadership of Ankh-Morpork with their own puppet king.

Defending the city against this monster threat is the underpaid, undervalued City Night Watch – the
drunken and world-weary Captain Vimes, the cowardly Sergeant Colon, the small opportunistic Corporal
Nobby of … unknown origins…and their newest recruit, Lance-Constable Carrot, whom is a dwarf (by
adoption only). They may be called the Palace Guard, the City Guard, or the Patrol. Whatever the name,
their purpose in any work of heroic fantasy is the same: it is, around about Chapter Three, or ten
minutes into the play, to rush into the room, attack the hero one at a time … and be slaughtered.
No-one ever asks them if they wanted to.

Please join us in welcoming our Fantastic Cast

Captain Sam Vimes – Duane Jones
Lady Sybil Ramkin/Plasterer/Chief Assassin – Jennifer MacLean
Carrot Ironfoundersson/Watchtower – Riley Galarneau
Footnote*/Voice/Dibbler – Rebecca Orion
Lupine Wonse – Dean Carter
The Librarian/Fingers/Ensemble – Melissa Bennett
Lord Vetinari/Knowlessman/Death/Arch Chancellor/Bunting Carrier – Robert Kirik
Zebbo/Van Pew/Ensemble – Erin Weir
Sergeant Colon/Carrot’s Dad/Doorkeeper – Brent Lowenberg
Corporal Nobby/Dunnykin – Hamish Crawford


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We apologise for the delay (Thanks COVID)

The Big Sleepover

A group of friends waking up from an epic night of partying try to piece together the events of the
night before.
Did they hook up? Who is the mystery guest? Where are their clothes? Is there a body in the
upstairs bathroom?