Prepare to laugh, sing, dance and cheer for more! Scorpio Theatre presents three short spectacles of sketches, songs, and hilarity all broadcast from virus-proof locations throughout the city. What shenanigans could the Scorpio Players get up to during a pandemic? More than you know. 
Catch “Scorpio Tonight” digitally available November 6, 13 and 20th.

Scorpio Theatre is proud to announce an exciting new partnership!

Working together with the amazing people at Flight Centre, we have created a fantastic new partnership where Scorpio Members can reap special benefits when booking your trips and vacations!

How It Works:

Head to the Market Mall Flight Centre location to book your trip. Mention Scorpio Theatre Society to receive the following benefits:
  • Receive $50** off the cost of your trip. Yes, that’s right – an upfront savings that you receive immediately!
  • 1%** of the cost of your trip is donated to Scorpio on behalf of Flight Centre. Not only are you enjoying upfront savings, but you’re also helping to support the production of quality entertainment and programming at Scorpio Theatre.

** conditions apply