Are you ready for the next BIG thing from Scorpio Theatre?
Are you itching to get back on stage?

We are holding auditions for our next show, The Big Sleepover.

A group of friends waking up from an epic night of partying try to piece together the events of the night before;
Did they hook up?
Who is the mystery guest?
Where are their clothes?
Is there a body in the upstairs bathroom?

As we are not certain when the world will be vaccinated, rehearsals will be held primarily online, with
performances being filmed onstage and delivered via the internet.

Performance recording will happen in late March.

If you are interested in auditioning, send us a message at
You can send us a 2-minute comedic monologue, or we can arrange an online audition.

The roles available are:

Katrina Zinn: Used to being her friend’s support system, Katrina has her own life change she’d like to
discuss, but is neck-deep in other people’s drama.

Donovan Cabrini: His long-time crush, his first love, has returned to town, and he’s found himself in a
romantic triangle that’s not easy to solve. Also, his best pal Katrina keeps trying to tell him something.

Amelia Rowe: part-time bar star, used to being the centre of attention, prone to acting/lashing out
when that doesn’t happen.

Taylor Bosh: Likes a nice, quiet time, but is a hilarious drunk and everyone knows it, which leads to
drinking too much. Too hungover to remember which conversation he’s in.

Marta MacCallum: The youngest, and very aware she’s the youngest. Doesn’t want to be the innocent
little girl anymore, but has lived too sheltered a life to be otherwise.

Tam Simmons: The Uninvited Guest. Came to the party to meet a friend who didn’t show up. Awkward
in social situations. Waking up in a strange house surrounded by people she doesn’t know is a worst-
case scenario, so inside she’s screaming.

If you are not interested in performing but would still like to be a part of the production or learn how
shows are made, send us a message to