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Cast (in order of appearance)

JaanMandee Marcil/Elaine Yang

Dr. Wang YuenGrace Lu

Court Clerk/ReporterKarl Sandberg

Dr. Sam GagnéMartin Kirkley

Dr. Sugi VaideswaranAya Staley

Dr. Ryan BennettDarcy Wilson

Dr. Sasha VorontovElaine Yang/Mandee Marcil



ProducerDaisy Pond

Co-ProducerErin Noble

DirectorDan Gibbins

Assistant DirectorScott Evans

Stage ManagerDaisy Pond

Assistant Stage Manager & Running CrewCharlie Lenz

Set Design & Set DecScott Evans

Properties & Set DecBrad Laberge

Lighting DesignJames Ravenhill

Sound DesignLuke Moar

CostumesClaire Bolton

Fight ChoreographyAnastasia St. Amand

Box Office ManagerJoey Sayer

Lobby DisplayKloee Huberderau

This show will be presented in one act. There will be no intermission.


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It is common practice in theatre to include a show program for each performance that includes information about the cast, production team, the company and our sponsors. The programs are usually two pages (folded in half and presented as a 4 page bi-fold) meaning that the average production, with middling ticket sales, will require 800 printed pages.

That's over 2400 printed pages per season and that's just not GREEN!

Information on this production and the company in general will be proudly presented in our lobby displays, which we hope will be more entertaining, visually appealing and add more to your theatre experience than some stuffy old program anyway.

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Scorpio Theatre Society

A word from our new Artistic Director…

First, a few thanks: To Aaron Conrad, our previous Artistic Director, without whom we wouldn’t have a season.  His last act as Artistic Director was to program this beautiful, haunting season, and he passed the reins to me to see it through.  I’m honoured to bring his season to the stage. Next, to Daisy Pond, our Executive Producer, who keeps me from going insane, and keeps us all from marching off a cliff.  Thanks to our board, executive, and giant, crazy hoard of volunteers who make the world go round. Finally, our audience deserves most of our thanks. Performers are nothing with our loyal patrons, and our hard work and sacrifice is all for you.

Season 18.  A season to captivate.  The term here has a dual meaning: first, our goal at Scorpio Theatre is to draw in, fascinate, enchant, and enthrall our audiences with powerful, beautiful and cutting edge theatre.  For eighteen seasons, Scorpio Theatre has brought new dynamic works to Calgary, and we have done so with a passion for great stories that we are proud to bring to life on the stage. 

The root of captivate – captive, holds this season’s second meaning.  Each show this season revolves around a central theme of captivity or confinement – whether that is physical captivity or confinement within the construct of our realities. In their own unique way, each play is a balancing act between being physically restrained (by a scientist, or a totalitarian government, or a burned out country music star) and being confined by what motivates us to respond to our own distinct subject reality (desperation, manipulation, and fear of our mortality).

 The 2017/2018 season will take you through a journey of the dynamics of power, of fear, anxiety, and the struggle we all face when we are left with no more options.  I can barely contain my excitement for you to share in our 18th season; a season I hope will captivate and thrill you.

Welcome To Scorpio Theatre.

Matt Pickering,

Artistic Director.


"That which redeems also consumes."

That's a quote from a story I love, in which the moral is that the need for redemption can sometimes drive a person to commit greater sins than the one we sought redemption for in the first place. Not always... but sometimes. Because redemption can become a hunger, and hunger is rarely rational. Hunger can make obsession feel like love, control feel like caring. It can make someone who sees himself as loving and caring capable of inhuman acts. Quote number two...

"This is a story about love, but it is not a love story."

Chelsey has written a horror story about mermaids where mermaids aren't the monster: love is the monster. And we've done our best not to flinch away from that, to tell her story with brutal honesty. Because monsters don't always announce themselves by strapping on a cursed mask and grabbing a machete. And frankly even when they do announce themselves by saying "Build a wall" or "Unite the right" or "I only demand you tell me where you are and who you're with because I love you so much" we seem a little too willing to open the door and let them in.

So, anyway, here's Jaan. Buckle up.


Over the course of the last decade, I have worked with Scorpio Theatre both on and off the stage on a variety of productions with a wide range of styles and themes. In this time, my preferences have shifted slowly but surely from the light-hearted comedy to the intensely dark and deeply disturbing. Throughout this process, Jaan has filled that role for me every step of the way.

Tonight’s performance deals not only with physical violence, but also with the insidious forms of abuse too many of us have dealt with through the course of our lives. From subtle insults masked as a compliment, to strangely timed criticism; being told to act differently, dress differently, be better, be this or that or just not whoever we are. We call it a “Red Flag” –if we notice it at all— and tell ourselves we’ll be cautious; we’ll watch for other warnings. It’s probably nothing. Soon enough, we’re drowning, wondering exactly when we sank so deep into the dark water.

While the literal interpretation of the text tickled faint memories seldom recalled (and never in fondness), the subtle symbolism truly drew me to the script like a fish on a line. An exquisitely crafted script filled with metaphor encased in metaphor like Russian nesting dolls, Jaan offers a window into the progression of abuse rarely seen from the outside, except, perhaps, by the silent observer.

I hope you will leave tonight’s performance of Jaan with more questions than answers, and that those questions will not go unasked. Thank you for your patronage, and if this is your first time to a Scorpio production, let me be the first to say welcome to the Scorpio family.

A Word from the Playwright…

Chelsey has been writing plays since she was fourteen and is very excited to debut in Calgary as a playwright with the work of Jaan. Chelsey is a two-time award winning director for her animation Noonright (Castle Acadia) which won best animation at the 2017 Canadian Independent Film Festival and best animation for Telus Storyhive. She was nominated for Director of the Year from the Calgary Critter awards for her work on The Basement Boys (2014) (Theatre BSMT). Chelsey’s direction of Steel Magnolias (Torchlight Theatre) received five nominations at the 2017 CAT awards. Chelsey is an active member of the Calgary theatre community as a theatre creator primarily working as a director, producer, and performer and has traveled through Canada and Australia teaching physical theatre and acting techniques for Middle Eastern dance. With Jaan, she is hoping to get back to her roots as a writer and continue to tell stories in the Calgary theatre community.

She would also like to specifically thank Jennifer Taylor, who dramaturged this show. This is Chelsey’s first play produced EVER and she is very grateful to Scorpio Theatre’s cast and crew for bringing this story to life.

This show is dedicated to Aunt Irene.

Flight Centre


Martin Kirkley (Dr. Sam Gagné)

This is Martin’s second show with Scorpio Theatre, and his second ever play! The first show was Conventional Lunacy where he played Mick. Martin would like to thank his family, as well as his Scorpio family, for their support and patience.

Grace Lu (Dr. Wang Yuen)

Grace has appeared in local productions of Hana's Suitcase (Storybook Theatre), Ching Chong Chinaman (Iglesias Productions), And Then the Lights Went Out (Workshop Theatre) and Romeo & Juliet (Full Circle Theatre) as well as in film since 1999. Jaan is Grace's debut performance with Scorpio Theatre.

A graduate from the Company of Rogues Actor's Studio Master program, she can be found performing improv on stage at the Loose Moose Theatre & providing technical assistance behind the scenes.

Mandee Marcil (Jaan/Dr. Sasha Vorontov)

Mandee Marcil is no stranger to elaborate descriptors.  She has been called "vivacious," "unapologetically forceful," and “really good looking.” Her ability to captivate those in her sights is second only to her passion for performance (and self-elevating bios). Mandee is thrilled to play such a challenging character in an incredibly interesting piece of theatre. Thank you to everyone who helped make this beautiful piece what it is today. Select credits include:  Della (The Laws of Thermodynamics, Scorpio Theatre), Next To Normal (Cappuccino Musical Theatre), Yitzhak (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Laughing Monkey Productions), Martha (Heathers The Musical, CMT), Lin (The Great American Trailer Park Musical, CMT), Rusty (Footloose, FRC).

Karl Sandberg (Court Clerk/Reporter)

Karl has lent his recent efforts to frequent collaborations with director, actor and teacher, Leanne Melathopolous and her advanced acting students at Forest Lawn High School. Previous credits include roles in Peter Pan: A Pantomime (Morpheus Theatre) and The Seagull (Mount Royal University). Karl is proud to work on Jaan in his Scorpio Theatre debut

Aya Staley (Dr. Sugi Vaideswaran)

Aya is excited to work with Scorpio Theatre for the first time and would like to thank them for this great opportunity. She is thrilled to be a part of this production with such a talented group of actors.

Her other credits include the roles of Pocahontas and Princess Jasmine in Disenchanted (Cappuccino Theatre), the Evil Queen in Rapunzel (Storybook Theatre), and a lead role in the Play Festival (Urban Stories Theatre). She has been in several TV commercials which resulted in her gaining ACTRA status. She has studied with Company of Rogues since 2012 and is also an avid composer and songwriter.

She thanks her husband and two kids for their continued support as she pursues her dreams.

Darcy Wilson (Dr. Ryan Bennett)

Darcy is thrilled to be part of Jaan. Scorpio has become more like family in the years that he has worked with Scorpio - which is such an amazing feeling. This experience has been thought-provoking and engaging for Darcy, and he hopes you are as provoked watching the show.

Elaine Yang (Jaan/Dr. Sasha Vorontov)

Elaine is a recent Drama graduate from the University of Calgary. Jaan is her first performance in theatre since graduating, and she is very grateful and excited to be working with everyone at Scorpio Theatre. Outside of theatre, Elaine spends her time acting and producing indie films with Prairie Kitten Productions, aiming to deliver films written and directed by local women. Her future plans are to continue pursuing a career in theatre, film, and television.

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Claire Bolton (Costume Design)

Claire is delighted to be back again for her fourth time costume designing for Scorpio Theatre with Jaan.  Her other Scorpio credits include: Summer on Fire, Love Song, and The Laws of Thermodynamics.  Along with being a costume designer, Claire is an actor, dancer, stage manager, and producer (Full Circle Theatre – which she runs with the lovely and talented Erin Weir).  She helps bring the joy of theatre to children all over the province as a member of Quest Theatre’s Artist in Residency Program and Calgary Opera’s Let’s Create an Opera Program, which have enriched her in ways that she cannot even begin to express fully.  Claire would like to thank her family for their never ending love and support.  This show is going to rock so, so hard!

Scott Evans (Assistant Director/Set Design)

After10 years performing on stage with Scorpio Theatre, Calgary-born Scott Evans has been thrilled to be given the opportunity to work so closely with Dan Gibbins for the first time in his role as Assistant Director. 

When he isn't directly involved with a production, Scott works with Dan as part of Scorpio's in-house marketing team, and is in his second year serving as a Member-at-Large with Scorpio Theatre. He also works throughout Alberta as a paramedic in the recovering oil industry.

Dan Gibbins (Director)

Taking a year off from active involvement in shows did not suit Dan, so he's happy to be behind the director's desk yet again, both for the wonderfully twisted Jaan and, immediately following, A Little Murder Never Hurt Anyone with Morpheus Theatre. What's that? Why hasn't he written anything lately? The folks at Googer Pink would be surprised to hear that, since they're staging his third straight pocket-pantomime, Peter Pan and the Secret Key, this very December. Or you can watch his web-series, available at Or if that's not enough... I don't know, he might be willing to come to your house and tell you stories. Try asking.

Brad Laberge (Props and Set Dec)

This is Brad's third show for Scorpio Theatre, having been Props Master on Zastrozzi and Laws of Thermodynamics. He is excited to be working with such a great team! When he is not hunting or building props, he enjoys spending time outdoors. Love to Mikee.

Charlie Lenz (Assistant Stage Manager)

Charlie Lenz is so excited to be a part of Jaan, her fourth show with Scorpio Theatre as Assistant Stage Manager. Although insane for doing to two full consecutive seasons, she is so honoured to be a part of the Scorpio family. Having learned many skills and gained many friends, she can’t wait for all the amazing things to come.

Sarah McMillan (Makeup Design)

Sarah has been involved with Scorpio since 2011, when she was brought on to do the hair and make up for Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre.  Sarah is a self-taught Special Effects Makeup person, whose motto is, ‘the bloodier and gorier, the better!’.

A native of Halifax, Sarah has called Calgary home for ten years now and she is a mum to three fur-babies: American Staffordshire Terriers and a cat named Zero who keeps the dogs in-line! Sarah has been involved with pinup fashion and volunteering for six years and has found that the lifestyle provides opportunities to expand her hair and make-up skills, while giving back to the Calgary community. 

Luke Moar (Sound Design)

Luke returns for his third show with Scorpio in the past year for a spot of fishing with this production of Jaan, having previously working on last seasons' shows: Laws of Thermodynamics, and It Came From Mars for which he won a CAT Award for Outstanding Soundscape.  Luke has been involved as a sound designer for several different production companies for over 10 years. Thanks to Daisy and Carl for pulling me back, and to Scorpio for adopting me into the fold.

 Erin Noble (Co-Producer)

Erin is a recent(ish) graduate of Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Since returning to Calgary she has been working on and off-stage with Workshop Theatre, Urban Stories Theatre and Gas and Light Productions. This is Erin’s first production with Scorpio Theatre and she couldn’t be more pleased to be part of this wonderful team!

Daisy Pond (Producer and Stage Manager)

Daisy is proud to be a part of another great Scorpio show. From working as a lighting op, an ASM, a Stage Manager to the company’s Executive Producer, she’s been involved in many aspects of many wonderful shows with this merry band of misfits. Thank you to a great cast and crew for all your hard work!

James Ravenhill (Light Design)

James is excited to be back for his third production with Scorpio Theatre. Previous credits include Next To Normal (Cappuccino Musical Theatre); Conventional LunacyZastrozzi (Scorpio Theatre); The Field, The Weir (Liffey Players Drama Society), Sarah and the Dinosaur, Shadowlands (Fire Exit Theatre), Jekyll and Hyde, Little Shop of Horrors (Front Row Centre Players).

Anastasia St. Amand (Fight Choreography)

A graduate from Mount Royal University’s Theatre Arts Program, Anastasia is an actor, writer, Stage Combatant and Intimacy Choreographer.  She enjoys collective creations, new works, dance, and a twist of the classics to quench her lust for combat. She works as an Artistic Associate for Full Circle Theatre and serves as a Board Executive for DeFakto Theatre.  Select acting credits include: Porcelain Dolls (Rachel/Full Circle), Just Acts Play Festival (Urban Stories Theatre), Alice’s Wonderland (Various/Artist Collective Theatre), Persephone (Demeter/Full Circle), The Winter’s Tale (Hermione/Full Circle), Midsummer Night’s Dream (First Fairy/Full Circle), Habanera (Remi/Mob Hit), As You Like it (Audrey /Mob Hit), Charlotte’s Web (Narrator/Center Stage), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Augustus and Mrs. Gloop, Oompa Loompa/ Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Centre Stage).

Special Thanks


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Scorpio Theatre would also like to thank all our volunteers, friends, family, and fans for their continued support.